Arba-Minch University Teaching and Comprehensive Specialized Hospital has been inaugurated in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) and other high-level government officials and invited guests.

In his remarks at the inaugural event, Prime Minister Abiy, noted that the Arba-Minch University Teaching and Comprehensive Specialized Hospital facility has been built to provide a full range of medical services.

He also pointed out that significant efforts are being made in the health sector to ensure adequate care for our people, although there is still much progress to be made.

The premier extended his appreciation to the health workers who are providing essential services to citizens.

He went on to call upon health service professionals to continue their diligent efforts in a bid to advance the country’s health system. “As we continue to modernize our healthcare system, your ongoing contribution and engagement are essential.”

Prime Minister Abiy and his delegation have arrived in Arba-Mich on Friday afternoon. Upon arrival, he was warmly greeted by enthusiastic residents of the city and surrounding areas. The delegation also planted tree seedlings around the city.

PM Abiy also observed progress of a tourism project being constructed under the “Dine for Generations” initiative in the city.

“Arba-Minch is a sought-after destination endowed with various types of fruits, bird life, mountains, and fresh water bodies, offering astounding potential,” he stated via a social media post on Friday after his visit to the area.

“Despite bringing great hope, it also evokes regret in that we have done little work to develop it fully until now,” the Prime Minister stressed, adding that “The Dine for Generations project includes a timeshare component for Ethiopians, both locally and in the diaspora, to invest in and indulge in this paradise.”

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