H.E. Ambassador Mesganu Arga, State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, met today with H.E. Maika Oshikawa, Director of the WTO Accession Division, and conferred on the better ways of expediting Ethiopia’s accession process to the WTO.
During the discussion, Ambassador Mesganu reiterated Ethiopia’s government political commitment and readiness to expedite Ethiopia’s accession to the WTO and its desire for the technical negotiations completed speedily. He confirmed that joining the WTO is a pivotal aspect of Ethiopia’s economic reform agenda.
The State Minister highlighted that Ethiopia has passed significant policy amendments and radical decisions in relation to trade and finance sectors that will assist advance the joining process. He further mentioned Ethiopia, being a major economic player in Sub-Saharan Africa, would significantly enhance the World Trade Organization’s stature by becoming a member.
Director Maika on her part noted the secretariat of WTO is providing the required assistance to speed up the accession process that Ethiopia has initiated and pledged to continue the necessary support. The two officials consulted on detailed technical works related to Ethiopia’s accession progression.

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