Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has emphasized the significance of prioritizing national interests, fostering peace, and promoting love in all media endeavors.

The Prime Minister made this remark at the recognition and award ceremony to local media institutions in the country this afternoon. It has been said that this recognition event was organized by the FDRE Government Communication Service under the theme “Media for the Nation” to acknowledge the local media significant contribution in protecting the national interest.

The event was attended by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, other senior government officials, media officials and professionals in the field as well as invited guests.

In his speech at the event, Prime Minister Abiy stated that Ethiopia is in an era where caution is necessary. “We must prioritize Ethiopia’s national interest, peace, and love in our media efforts.”

He also emphasized that they should work to advocate for national unity, love and common heritage to future generations. “Continuously asking ourselves what we are doing for the next generation is crucial,” the premier further stressed.

PM Abiy also congratulated to those media organizations recognized today for their work in promoting national development and cohesion as well as national interest.

11 out of 69 media outlets selected for awards in the program received trophies and certificates from the Prime Minister.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) has been awarded a trophy in the commercial media category for its comprehensive contribution in the field of commercial media.

Thus, in the commercial media category, Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC), Addis Walta and EBS were awarded, whereas Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), Ethiopian Press Agency, OBN and AMECO have received recognition in the state media category.

Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) received a special award and Addis Media Network (AMN) received a certificate.


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