In his remarks at the 37th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed (PhD), state that the world has witnessed profound transformations shaped by geopolitical competition, economic challenges, climate change, and technological advancemecheap yeezys aiyuk jersey yeezy sneakers mascarilla pelo sebastian meilleur lampe uv pallone calcio a 11 mallas para hombre nike kallax korkekiilto hylly blogspot táskafül bőr cheap jordan 4 babyphone mit alexa verbinden polaroid κάμερα balenciaga 2017 shoes nike air max ivo black and white nike calças de treino nt.

Africa Union’s permanent membership to the G20 provides the continent with an opportunity ito be heard on global issues, the Prime Minister underscored.

“Africa is where modern humans arose. Our ancient kingdoms and empires were home to many significant inventions and innovations, particularly in agricultural techniques and the use of medicinal plants and in the construction of impressive architectural structures, all being a testament to Africa’s important contributions to the world’s civilizations in critical areas such as science, technology, and education.”

“However, our continental path toward greater achievements and progress was disrupted by colonialism. The strategic approach of the colonial powers was centered on dismantling the core sense of our nations, undermining our knowledge, our spiritual and cultural heritage, replacing our ancient education systems with western -style education that was introduced as being superior,” he underscored.

“Even though Ethiopia dealt colonialism, a heavy blow at the Battle of Adwa attempts to undermine Ethiopia’s unity by exploiting our diversity to perpetuate ongoing conflicts continued throughout the centuries,” he said.

Uncovering these deep historic facts and bringing them to light. It is necessary to move forward for us, other Africans, for greater self -determination and dignity, the Primier noted.

“We are blessed with favorable weather, arable land, water, forest, natural resources, and a large youth population who embody the great potential of our continent. We should not be seeking for aid in order to grow and ensure,” he said.

“In order to grow and ensure sustainable development, education is key. In the last five years, Ethiopia has made significant progress towards universal access to education.

“We have built over 30,000 kindergarten and primary schools. We are heavily investing in secondary schools and TVETs to ensure quality education and skills development as well as meet labor market needs,” the Prime Minister said.

“Today, new technologies and innovative learning models can help our continent leapfrog into the future,” the Prime Minister stressed.

“Technology has taken learning beyond the classroom. Artificial intelligence is delivering personalized learning tailored to children’s needs by breaking down cultural and language barriers. Such advancements will allow our youth to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit, problem solving skills, and determination to overcome challenges on Africa’s development path,”

“But we all know that one of the major factors affecting education systems are investments and financial constraints. Our financing needs are growing due to climate change and the cost of living crisis among others that is a burden,”

Inequalities in the international financial architecture make access to finance inadequate and expensive. The world needs to internalize the fact that the population projection of Africa in 2050 is 2 .5 billion people making us the most populous continent in the world.

Africa’s rise should be important to the world for security. Strengthening our health and education systems and job creation requires long term financing.

The Premier has renewed his call to all major financial agencies to consider the realities of today’s world, and particularly for middle and low -income countries.

By Wondesen Aregahegn

Source: FBC

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