January 29, 2024 (FBC)

The achievements registered by the government of Ethiopia under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to transform the agricultural sector with a view to become food self-sufficient  has been a source of inspiration for Africa, Director- General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)  QU Dongyu underscored.

FAO Director General made the remark at the awarding ceremony of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed hosted by FAO in Rome, Italy.

The premier has been awarded the prestigious FAO Agricola Medal for his vision, leadership and commitment to food security and nutrition as well as the pursuit of innovative solutions in wheat self-sufficiency in the context of fast-changing and challenging circumstances.

On the occasion, FAO Director General said “I am so pleased to welcome you to this historical ceremony, not only for Ethiopia, not only for Africa but for the world,” as it is a matter of global agenda.

He appreciated the premier for his commitment and passion to realizing this big historical, revolutionary change of agriculture and rural development and also the Green Legacy Initiative.

Since taking office in 2018, Prime Minister Abiy has tirelessly pursued efforts to realize his vision for food security and nutrition, economic development in Ethiopia and beyond by identifying and implementing innovative solutions, Dongyu pointed out.

The Director-General has also admired and congratulated the people of Ethiopia, partners supporting the country to implement the premier’s visions in this regard.

“I am fully confident that you will see Ethiopia not only prosperous but also green, beautiful and a peaceful country in the future soon,” FAO Director General underscored.

He stressed the need for a strong political commitment, passion and the enabling policy to improve the lives of people who are in the rural areas.

“His personal commitment to the successful food self-sufficiency program in Ethiopia has been a source of inspiration for Africa. I always say it that Africans have your own solutions based on your local conditions and wisdom. So share your experience and the best practices with your neighbors, with your colleagues from Africa.”

He also recalled  that in February 2023, Ethiopia undertaken its first shipment of wheat export to international market, and said it is  a successful model to be followed by other countries around the world.

Source: FBC

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