Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ambassador Meles Alem has refuted statement made by the Government of Somalia about alleged attempts by Ethiopian Government security to prevent entry of its delegation into the AU Summit proceedings.

Members of delegation of various countries who are participating in the AU Summit have also rejected the accusation by the Government of Somalia, he said.

In a press briefing, Ambassador Meles Alem, said that the Government of Ethiopia has a responsibility to ensure security of Heads of Government and State of all countries during their stay in Addis Ababa, and deploys security personnel for this purpose.

“But, the President of Somalia refused to accept the security personnel deployed for him by the Government of Ethiopia,” Ambassador Meles stated.

Deployment of security personnel for the well-being of guests is accustomed such big diplomatic events; but, the President of Somalia acted contrary to this, the Spokesperson explained.

The Government of Ethiopia received the President of Somalia with ceremonial welcome event in a way that was similar to all heads of government and state, he said.

He added that security guards of the Somalian delegation who tried to enter the African Union Headquarters armed with guns were prevented from doing so, the Spokesperson added.

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