Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has extended his greetings on the eve of the 128th Anniversary of the Victory of Adwa.

“It has been 100 years since our foremothers and forefathers bequeathed to us the Grand Victory of Adwa. But, we have yet to leverage the values we have received from the victory,” the Prime Minister underscored in his congratulatory message.

The Victory of Adwa is a phenomenon that has demonstrated the fact that Ethiopia has been identified as a country with multinational unity among its people, the Prime Minister said.

Ethiopians from all ethnic backgrounds drawn from all corners of the country marched to the battle of Adwa. The 7th Anniversary of the victory was also celebrated in attendance of people from all nationalities. This shows how the Victory of Adwa has cemented multinational unity in the country, the Prime Minister pointed out.

“Ethiopia always maintains its patience in the face of various adversaries. It is not because it lacks capability to repel the adversaries. It is because it prepares for what’s next. Ethiopia is the position to replicate the Victory of Adwa if the worst comes to the worst,” he noted.

“We celebrate this year’s Adwa Victory Day the day after we have built a memorial at a place where the expedition to the battle started from in a way that fits for the glory of the values of the victory. This adds glory and respect to the celebration of the Victory Day,” the Prime Minister said.

“We have to properly utilize the values of the Victory of Adwa so as to build a nation as solid as the mountains of Adwa,” the Premier added.

Source: FBC

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