February 6, 2024 (FBC)

In his response to the queries from members of the parliament at the regular session of the House of People’s Representatives, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) stated that “Peace is essential to all that we aspire to achieve.”

The Prime Minister explained that failure to express political interests through peaceful means, dwindling commitment to reconciliation efforts and the tendency to sabotage peaceful outcomes with trap are the key issues that are disrupting peace efforts.

Prime Minister Abiy reaffirmed the commitment of the government to continue negotiation with armed groups if they respect the laws of the nation.

The Prime Minister recalled that, immediately after the reform, the government made call for opposition groups abroad to enable the dissidents to engage in peaceful struggle.

The Prime Minister called on armed groups in Amhara and Oromia regions for peaceful negotiations, reaffirming government’s commitment to leave the door open to this end.

“Engaging in conflict offers no benefits; it only exacerbates our present difficulties. Thus, by giving precedence to peaceful negotiation and dialogue, we believe any issue can be resolved effectively,” the Prime Minister said.

“I can confirm that the Federal Government and Regions are prepared to engage with all actors who are willing to lay down their weapons and participate in peaceful political engagements. We are committed to foster dialogue, reconciliation, and inclusive processes to achieve lasting peace and stability,” the Prime Minister underscored.

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